Our Homes Come With...

Our Sales Prices Include:

  • Hard Money Points & Interest
  • All Purchase Closing Costs
  • Post-sale tax bump estimates
  • Realistic interest rate estimate
  • Taxes Paid Forward 1 Full Year
  • $700 of Homeowner Insurance
  • Tax prorations For Current Year
  • 1 Pre-sale Appraisal
  • 1 Pre-refi Appraisal
  • Discounts For Cash Buyers

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Your Success Partners
 Tradewinds Development Group & The Real Estate Life

Your Success Team

Having a local winning team is essential to every investors success.  Pick up any real estate book or attend any seminar and one of the fundamentals that everyone teaches is "assemble a team".

The GREAT news is as of right now you have an assembled team with hundreds of years of combined experience in real estate investment, customer service, property management, renovations, maintenance, loans, insurance and every aspect of this business.

No one person has all the answers but between us all we can find the answers to all your real estate investment questions.

One important factor in selecting and setting up your team:  Only use experts in real estate investing.  Despite what someone with experience in retail real estate tells you there is a huge difference, especially in today's market - real estate investment specialists are key in every aspect of your business.

So, want to meet YOUR real estate investment team?  Like the OSCARS, we are bound to forget someone, so this is a partial list:

  • Renovation
    • Licensed & insured general contractors
    • Roofers
    • Plumbers
    • Heating & cooling specialists
    • Waterproofing
    • Window installers
    • Flooring specialists (hardwoods, carpet, tile)
    • Sewage & drain specialists
    • Lawn care & snow removal
    • Pest removal
    • Cleaning crews
    • Cement & stone specialists
    • And more!
  • Finance:  All specialize in Detroit Real Estate Investment - this is key
    • Hard money lenders
    • Mortgage bankers
    • Mortgage brokers
    • Loan officers
    • Accountants
    • Bookkeepers
    • Tax advisor
    • 1031 Exchange advisor
    • Local banks for direct deposit from tenants (Key for out-of-state investors)
    • And more!
  • Closing partners:
    • Title companies
    • Closing attorneys
    • Roving title companies (they come to you no matter where in the world you are)
    • Renovation insurance
    • Landlord home insurance
    • Home warranties
    • And more!
  • Property Management:
    • Property managers
    • Security
    • Maintenance crews
    • Lawn care & snow removal
    • Landlord / tenant legal specialist
    • And more!